Success under value-based payment models, requires the ability to harness the power of outcomes and predictive analytics to improve performance.

As payment models transition to value-based and bundled payments, measuring the right outcomes and avoiding high cost events is of the utmost importance. Being reimbursed based on value, requires a clear understanding of the relationship between your outcomes and costs. And, because bundled payments are fixed payments for defined services, such as hip replacement or care after a heart attack, understanding your outcomes and areas for improvement and risk mitigation are critical to avoiding penalties. 

At OM1, we offer customized solutions for value-based care and bundled payment programs, helping you collect and manage the outcomes and predict and mitigate the risks that are most relevant and provide the best opportunity to avoid penalties, maximize reimbursements, lower costs, and improve care. 

Our solutions support:

•    CMS Bundles (CJR, Cardiac Care, Oncology)
•    Private Bundles
•    Others



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