Cardiac Care Bundled Payment Model

Announced in 2016 and launching in 2017, the Cardiac Care Bundled Payment model is an expansion of the CMS mandated bundled payment program and will hold hospitals in 98 randomly-selected metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) accountable for the quality and total cost of care for heart attacks and bypass surgery.

How OM1 can help

Understanding which outcomes to measure and being able to identify and act on the risks that pose the biggest threat to maximizing reimbursement and improving quality of care are critical to being successful under the new program. Our Cardiac Care solution focuses on the areas where provider organizations have the greatest opportunities to improve outcomes and reimbursement and allows them to:

  • Meet program data collection and reporting requirements
  • Leverage standardized outcomes to optimize care from supplies to pathways
  • Use cardiac specific insights to prioritize resources, avoid high cost events and maximize reimbursement



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