Next Generation Registry

The needs for real-world evidence continue to grow, but so have the tools. using big data and smart technologies, registries are costing less with more powerful evidence.

While registries remain an important component of the real-world evidence landscape, the definition and implementation of registries in the setting of EMRs and data digitization, outcomes standardization and data linkage technologies is evolving. The next generation of registries are accessing larger sample sizes, cost less to manage, increase speed to data and provide broader insights.  

At OM1, we offer a new approach to real-world evidence. One that leverages rigorous science, standardized outcomes measurement, machine-learning technologies, and our database of more than 200 million patients.  


Gain deeper insights and generate better evidence:

  • Explore market dynamics & trends
  • Evaluate & monitor treatment patterns, therapy switching, and
    off-label use
  • Demonstrate comparative & cost effectiveness
  • Evaluate patient adherence & persistence and influencers
  • Predict risk & monitor long-term safety
  • Inform & meet outcomes-based, risk-sharing agreements 

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