Outcomes Based Contracting

Better inform risk-sharing agreements with standardized outcomes measurement & Analytics

The ongoing shift to value-based care is reshaping information needs and underscoring requirements for outcomes measurement. Increasingly outcomes-based and risk-sharing models are being used to better forge a clearer connection between clinical outcomes and actual value. Achieving success under these emerging models presents a balancing act between meeting different stakeholder needs and establishing and observing the most appropriate metrics.

OM1 helps healthcare stakeholders link outcomes to value, using relevant data and standardized measures for understanding risk and tracking performance. Through OM1, you can leverage large representative patient cohorts to:

  • Provide evidence-based recommendations for deal structures
  • Predict outcome distributions in broader patient populations and cohorts
  • Better identify reasonable outcomes measures and thresholds for effectiveness in the real-world
  • Track outcomes across product exposures over time to evaluate merit of agreement metrics
  • Explore differences by product indication