Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

Considered by many to be the missing outcomes link, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) measure what is relevant to the patient and provide useful information for an individual that can also be aggregated across populations. Where clinical outcomes typically focus more on physiological outcomes, such as improvement in lab results or overall survival, PROs tell us much more about quality of life, emotional well-being, and other factors that may be impacting their progress.

PROs are also increasingly becoming requirements for reimbursement and factors in avoiding financial penalties and gaining incentive payments.  Getting started early is the best way to prepare for the increasing PRO requirements that can come on suddenly and avoid multiple condition-specific solutions springing up in your affiliated practices.

Using a sophisticated, yet easy and engaging technology platform, OM1 offers a standards-based approach to PROs that delivers data consistency and quality. Our feature-rich system focuses on simplifying the collection and reporting of PROs and offering opportunities to enrich the data with a broader outcomes management system and predictive analytics.

The OM1 PRO™ platform offers:

  • Enterprise-level reporting across all conditions
  • Standalone or integrated with EMR
  • Robust automation
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Mobile-based, consumer friendly tools
  • Multiple workflows
  •  Secure, scalable technology
  • Custom branding and personalization

> Meet VBC requirements
> Enable shared decision making
> Increase patient and provider satisfaction
> Identify risks before they happen
> View and manage individual patient glidepaths
> Inform and guide supply chain decisions


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