Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Knowing which patients are at risk when and understanding what to do about it matters.

Predictive analytics tell us what will happen, helping to identify who is most at risk and what outcomes can be expected. Prescriptive analytics tell us what to do about it, helping to know which ones matter most and what actions to take. Both play a critical role in the clinical and financial success of healthcare organizations.

At OM1, we leverage a combination of science, machine learning technologies, and “big data” to transform your healthcare organization’s data into highly available, actionable information personalized to your patients and your decisions. We start with our own linked database, integrate your data, and deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics that focus on the risks that are actionable and most relevant to your patients, populations, and programs. With the right models in place, you can more accurately and reliably avoid high cost events and penalties, improve reimbursement payments and lower costs, while delivering higher quality care. 

  1. Turn your data into actionable insights
  2. Empower informed decisions for patients & populations
  3. Thrive under value-based care
    • Avoid costly events
    • Maximize reimbursements
    • Optimize and personalize care

With Outcomes management and predictive analytics tools, OM1 takes big data and makes it meaningful and personalized - enabling informed decisions and actionable insights that consider the what if rather than just what was. 


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