We host a series of webinars around Value-Based Care, outcomes management, predictive analytics, and real-world evidence. Below are upcoming webinars. If you have any questions, please email rhurley@om1.com


Cardiac Care: Understanding Outcomes & Analytics for Success  Thursday, february 16 - 11:00 aM - 12:00 PM ET 

Driven by growing value-based requirements, like the CMS Cardiac Care program, hospitals are being required to assume greater risk for the cost of cardiac patient care and to make better decisions on outcomes. As CMS and private payer requirements increase, the complexities of understanding and managing relevant outcomes and risks intensifies. 

This webinar will address emerging requirements, technologies and best practices for managing and improving cardiac outcomes and succeeding under new payment models. Join the discussion on: 

• Trends in cardiology and value-based care, including the CMS Cardiac Care program
• Understanding outcomes management and integrating it into clinical practice
• Leveraging predictive analytics to lower costs and maximize reimbursements
• Evaluating key components of outcomes and analytics technologies