OM1 was founded by a team dedicated to the belief that participating in value-based healthcare requires a much more complete view of patient outcomes than has been available until now. 

We’ve created an approach that enables providers and other stakeholders to cost-effectively access and analyze outcomes data in a scientifically robust and clinically meaningful way.  The information generated is useful from a big picture view of an organization down to a more detailed understanding of results, whether at the condition, pathway, therapy or provider level.  

Built on a secure and advanced technology platform, the OM1 solution:

  • Provides a new level of outcomes information to stakeholders
  • Enables organizations to more effectively prepare for and participate in value and outcomes-based payment models
  • Helps organizations understand patient experience and outcomes while improving engagement and satisfaction
  • Leverages data to provide unique and actionable insights to improve clinical,  financial and operational performance 
  • Transforms healthcare organizations into learning health systems


Our leadership includes Dr. Rich Gliklich, the founder of Outcome, a technology and services company focused on real world research and health outcomes.  We have brought together a highly experienced team of experts in software, healthcare data and health outcomes.