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Getting Outcomes Measures to Sing in Harmony Not an Easy Task

by Joyce Frieden, News Editor, MedPage Today, April 28, 2017 WASHINGTON — Measuring outcomes for heart disease treatment in the general population won’t do much good if researchers can’t agree on a single definition of a particular disease or on which outcomes are worth measuring. That’s why a group of interested organizations is developing a common[…]

Exclusive: General Catalyst Leads $15M for Big Data Healthcare Startup

OM1 uses predictive analytics to provide better outcomes for patients Dylan Martin – Staff Writer, Tech – 4/6/17 @10:20am in Tech A big data healthcare startup based in Cambridge has come out of stealth mode with a $15 million funding round led by local venture capital firm General Catalyst. The startup, called OM1, was spun out[…]

Putting Big Data to Work for Healthcare

By Richard Gliklich, CEO, OM1 – Published in FierceHealth Executive Report The term big data elicits many different responses from the healthcare community and skepticism runs high among many clinicians and hospital executives. While big data alone can’t transform care, it is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of a fundamental change in the way we practice[…]

How to Transform Data Into a Continuous Learning System

New payment models require health care organizations to make better decisions about outcomes, Richard Gliklich says December 8, 2016 – Richard Gliklich, M.D. – H&HN Magazine Health care is the largest part of the national economy, and the costs of maintaining it are growing at an unsustainable rate. As a result, Medicare and other payers[…]

How a robust outcomes management will help hospitals ‘win’ in value-based care

Written by Megan Wood | December 02, 2016 | Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review Despite a party change in the White House, the government will likely continue moving toward performance-based healthcare with a greater focus on outcomes. Under such models, hospitals’ reimbursement is directly tied to patient outcomes, meaning outcomes management is critical to a healthcare[…]

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