Healthcare IT Today

June 10, 2024

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Joseph Zabinski, VP, Head of Commercial Strategy & AI at OM1
AI is seeing more and more applications in 2024, and some of the most exciting examples come from personalization – providing patient-level insight into risk and benefit outcomes as different treatments are considered. We can now identify patients, for example, who are much more likely than others to experience rapidly progressing disease, and that information can help inform what treatments make most sense, when, to slow or prevent progression. These kinds of applications can be scaled by analyzing large datasets in one pass to highlight patients most likely to benefit from intervention, or deployed on a case-by-case basis to generate personalized assessments when patients visit their doctor’s office. These efforts impact outcomes by letting us see – and target – unmet need, and by improving individual patients’ understanding of their own likeliest paths rather than relying on population-level averages alone.