At the forefront of a growing movement towards value-based care, orthopaedic surgeons are facing increasing pressure to make better decisions based on outcomes; to assume greater risk for the cost of joint replacement patient care; and to reduce overall costs while demonstrating quality improvement.

Join us for a webinar addressing emerging initiatives, technologies and best practices for managing and improving joint replacement outcomes and succeeding under new payment models. Presenters Dr. Richard Gliklich, CEO of OM1, and Dr. Caryn Etkin, Director of Analytics at AJRR, will explore:

  • Best practices for managing and improving joint replacement and orthopaedic surgery outcomes
  • Understanding quality improvement initiatives and metrics, including benefits of participating in the American Joint Replacement Registry
  • Maximizing performance in value-based care programs, including the CMS CJR program
  • Integrating patient-reported and clinical outcomes management into clinical practice
  • Leveraging predictive analytics to reduce complications and avoid high cost events

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