BOSTONDec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OM1, a leading real-world, data, outcomes and technology company with a focus on chronic diseases, today announced the expansion of its Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) registry.

GCA, also known as temporal arteritis, is a chronic inflammatory artery disease that causes head pain, joint pain, vision problems, and fever. GCA affects approximately 230,000 Americans, with almost all being over the age of 50. Delay in diagnosis can result in permanent visual impairment and blindness in up to 20% of patients.

Multiple studies have shown that GCA is also a major contributor of hospitalization costs with one study estimating the projected financial burden associated with long-term GCA complications from 2015 to 2050 to be $84 billion. Another study published in the Journal of Rheumatology estimates that the first-year aggregate cost of GCA following diagnosis is nearly one billion dollars in the US.

The OM1 GCA registry is a continually updating database of more than 5,000 patients prospectively followed with deep clinical, laboratory and other data, such as measures of steroid dosing and treatment response.   Additionally, researchers can tap into data from another 51,000 GCA patients in the OM1 Real-World Data Cloud™, which can be used for modelling, analytics, and other research purposes.

“The high availability and depth of the registry data enables researchers, life sciences manufacturers, payers and other stakeholders to answer important questions around natural history, disease progression, and treatment outcomes,” said Dr. Richard Gliklich, CEO of OM1. “Early diagnosis and effective treatment are the best way to reduce the damaging effects and to improve GCA patient’s quality of life. Our data, models, and other advanced techniques are aimed at bringing the right treatment to the right patient more quickly.”

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Renee Hurley
Head of Marketing, OM1

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