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The Next Generation of Registries and Real-World Evidence

The needs for real-world evidence continue to grow, but so have the tools. This session will explore the changes in technology, data liquidity, healthcare economics and how they are all combining to change the needs for real-world evidence and the best means to collect, analyze and use it. While registries remain an important component of[…]

How a robust outcomes management will help hospitals ‘win’ in value-based care

Written by Megan Wood | December 02, 2016 | Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review Despite a party change in the White House, the government will likely continue moving toward performance-based healthcare with a greater focus on outcomes. Under such models, hospitals’ reimbursement is directly tied to patient outcomes, meaning outcomes management is critical to a healthcare[…]

Improving Performance under Bundled Care

The field of medicine is changing rapidly due to two major disruptions – the application of artificial intelligence, such as machine and deep learning and the shift from fee-for-service to value-based payment models. These innovations, which are occurring simultaneously, are fundamentally altering how data are used and how care is provided. To survive in this[…]