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Healthcare providers face many different challenges. We're demonstrating that measured, precise and pre-emptive care generates real ROI.

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Improve Clinical Efficiencies and Outcomes

At OM1, we’re on a mission to transform how providers measure, predict and optimize care – and actually simplify the way to do it. Our solutions empower providers to radically improve clinical efficiency by targeting the most relevant and actionable areas and putting that information in the right hands at the right time – resulting in clear cost savings and more informed decisions.

Our solutions are based on the premise of automation first; powered by a combination of rigorous science, a robust clinical analytics and informatics platform, machine learning technology, and our own intelligent data cloud that leverages information from hundreds of millions of patients.

Working with our partners, our solutions enable your providers to:
  • Demonstrate significant ROI
  • Lower costs and mitigate risks
  • Measure, benchmark, and optimize outcomes
  • Drive volume
  • Succeed with emerging value-based care requirements
  • Deliver more precise care

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Outcomes Measurement & Benchmarking

Measure, compare and optimize outcomes using clinically focused metrics.

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Leverage comparative, predictive and prescriptive analytics to avoid high cost events and penalties, improve reimbursement payments, and lower costs.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

Implement standardized patient-reported outcomes and reporting across the enterprise to meet regulatory requirements and improve engagement.

Value-Based Care & Bundled Payments

Measure the right outcomes and reduce high cost events to improve performance, avoid penalties, and maximize reimbursements under value-based programs.


Partner with us for a better future around data analytics, outcomes and predictive medicine.

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