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Next Generation Registries

Quickly generate and leverage the right evidence for navigating the complex pathways to approval, reimbursement and usage.

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Rethink your approach to real-world evidence & value

Over the last decade, registries have taken a greater role in the push for real-world evidence. Although still extremely important, the approach to registries needs to adapt to keep up with evolving stakeholder needs and the shift to value-based care models. Big data and emerging technologies are allowing for the next generation of registries to emerge.

With this in mind, OM1 approaches real-world evidence differently, focusing on individual patient journeys and the power of personalized, precision health outcomes. We’re developing a real-world evidence ecosystem around big data, patient reported outcomes (PROs), standardized outcomes measurement, and sophisticated machine-learning technologies to fill outcomes gaps and deliver more precise outcomes.

Through this approach, obtaining market insights, demonstrating comparative effectiveness and monitoring long-term safety, can be done in near real-time,  while generating more powerful evidence and a competitive advantage.


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