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Is anti-CCP and RF available in the OM1 PremiOM PsA dataset?

We have provided a code set below to help you identify those patients with a lab in the PsA datasets. The anti-CCP positive/negative status is available via the following three LOINC codes: LOINC Code LOINC Name 53028-7 Cyclic citrullinated peptide Ab [Presence] in Serum 63375-0 Cyclic citrullinated peptide IgA+IgG Ab [Presence] in Serum 42898-7 Cyclic[…]

Should we expect to find lab results ordered by rheumatologists?

There are substantial differences in laboratory testing, with the rheumatologist-managed patients who are more likely to have labs performed than the dermatologist-managed patients. You will find this in the proportion of patients with any lab results available. For example, in PsA it is >85%, whereas in PsO it is <25%.

Should we expect to find joint exams?

For elements of the joint exam other than joint count (e.g., range of motion), these variables are from an EMR interface used by some Rheumatologists. They use the fields they find useful in clinical practice so you will see variability depending on the field (i.e., even for a given patient you may not see a[…]