Leverage Observed and Calculated CDAI Scores in Patients with Crohn’s Disease to Understand Response to Therapy


The Crohn’s Disease Activity Index (CDAI) is used in clinical practice and randomized control trials (RCTs) to assess the patient’s clinical status, to select appropriate therapies, and to assess the response to treatments. Despite the value of the CDAI score, it is not frequently assessed in clinical setting.


OM1 has developed a methodology to extract relevant components from outpatient charts of CD patients seeing gastroenterologists, based on previously published studies, allowing us to calculate CDAI scores.

Using observed and calculated CDAI scores greatly amplified the number of patients in our representative study with available values and the ability to examine a variety of research questions in longitudinal studies.

*Counts from Q3 2022 release

CD patients with deep clinical data and notes from a gastroenterologist

CD patients with a calculated or observed CDAI score