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Predictive Analytics

Knowing which patients are at risk when and understanding what to do about it matters.

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Avoid High-Cost Events and Generate Savings

Predictive analytics tell us what will happen, helping to identify who is most at risk and what outcomes can be expected. Prescriptive analytics tell us what to do about it, helping to know which ones matter most and what actions to take. Both play a critical role in the clinical and financial success of healthcare organizations.

So that providers can quickly generate a high return on investment, we’ve developed the highest performing models in the most expensive condition areas.

We start with data from hundreds of millions of patients, integrate a healthcare organization’s data, and deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics that focus on the risks that are actionable and most relevant to that organization’s patients, populations, and programs.

We use validated, tested, clinically meaningful and actionable predictions that allow you to:


High Cost Events

Predictive and prescriptive analytics can mitigate the most important issues facing healthcare providers and provide insights on what actions should be taken for which patient.

What is the probability that this patient will be readmitted in the next 30 days? Which patients will be most costly in the next year and why? Is this patient likely to have excess days following admission?


Informed Decisions for Patients & Populations

Through OM1’s predictive modeling and analytics system, healthcare organizations can empower more informed decisions around care management, treatment pathways, and resourcing.



Whether demonstrating value or improved outcomes for private payers or CMS, predictive and prescriptive analytics can target the relevant risks that are actionable and can make a difference in maximizing reimbursement payments and reducing penalties. OM1 Predict™ offers models specialized for existing and emerging payment models and customizable to local population and information needs.


your CMS Star Rating

With increasing calls for quality reporting and transparency have come increasing initiatives to publicly identify which hospitals and providers are demonstrating better outcomes in certain areas and being used by patients and providers on decisions regarding care and employment. Using OM1 Predict™, healthcare organizations can focus on the relevant areas that can improve their ratings, including the CMS Star Ratings.

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