Who We Help

Who We Help

Empowering the healthcare industry to access, analyze and derive outcomes data in a more personalized and clinically meaningful way.

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How can OM1 help you?

Is your work dedicated to improving patients’ lives through better, more precise care? Our solutions make it easier to achieve that goal by focusing on transforming outcomes at the individual patient level—improving accuracy and relevancy—and allowing for more precise care and better outcomes.


Meet increasing requirements, lower costs and demonstrate value—all while delivering quality care.


Meet real-world evidence requirements, demonstrate value, and strengthen market performance.


Better understand populations and risks, select providers, and create accountability based on outcomes.


Better serve your customers in the areas of advanced analytics, measurement, and prediction.

Delivering care where it matters most.

Questions? Helping you navigate a better patient journey is at the heart of what we do. Talk to us today.