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The OM1 Medical Burden Index (OMBI™) measures the combined medical burden of an individual or a patient population.

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What is the OMBI™ score?

The OMBI score measures the combined medical burden of an individual or a patient population. It is a 1-1000 score of patient level comorbidity that is highly predictive of future resource utilization and mortality. To generate the OMBI score, OM1 conducted an extensive analysis of more than 200 million patients.


A strong predictor

Currently, the OMBI™ score is one of the strongest predictor of future cost and resource utilization, as well as individual mortality.

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How does the OMBI™ score stack up?

The OMBI score outperformed leading industry risk assessment scores on predicting future cost, future mortality, and future readmissions.


*1% top future spenders vs rest. Reflects published or available metrics. Scores derived from different populations.

*Studies conducted with OM1 data population using the same statistical model as the Association of Actuaries.

Backed by scientific rigor

At the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sesssions in November of 2017, we presented two scientific posters showcasing the power of the OMBI score to predict unplanned admissions and hospital readmission or mortality in heart failure. The OMBI score in combination with other predictive factors, performed better than the established LACE Index.




To learn more about findings from our real-world patient cohort of more than 200 million patients, read our free Ebook below:



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