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Our team has deep RWE and registries experience

PI, Editors, Authors for Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes: A User’s Guide. AHRQ Publication

PI and team for Registry of Patient Registries, AHRQ, National Library of Medicine

PI and team for: Outcome Measures Framework

Awarded HHS “CAPSTONE” to implement standardized outcome measures for depression in research and clinical practice (including patient-facing)

Developed and first to implement the OM1 Real-World Data Network registry model to reduce clinician and patient burden and reduce bias by leveraging HIT and advanced technologies

Experience with 300+ registries with 15 million+ patients

Leverage our experts for your analytic questions or studies

Award-Winning Research Team

Our team of award-winning researchers have authored hundreds of publications, including scientific posters, articles in peer-reviewed journals, white papers, and books.

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Webinar: Pearls & Pitfalls in Analyzing RWD for Autoimmune Diseases


Webinar: Pearls & Pitfalls with Applying Advanced Analytics to Real-World Data

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