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Written by: Undine McEvoy

March 13, 2023

Mental health conditions can take a staggering toll on an individual physically, socially and financially. Many patients languish with partially effective or ineffective treatments, even though new options are constantly entering the market. At OM1, we are using our extensive mental health data network and AI technology to create a more precise way of identifying patients with treatment-resistant depression in order to break the cycle, broaden access to advanced therapies, and improve outcomes.

Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) typically refers to an inadequate response to two or more antidepressant trials of adequate dose and duration within a current depressive episode. TRD is relatively common in clinical practice, with 5% to 50% of the patients not achieving adequate response following antidepressant treatment. The financial burden is high, with estimates of TRD accounting for nearly half of the $92B annual cost of depression in the US.

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