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Quickly generate and leverage the right evidence for navigating the complex pathways to approval, reimbursement and usage

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Reimagine your approach to real-world evidence

Real-world evidence needs are continuing to grow from new opportunities under the 21st Century Cures Act to increasing demands for demonstrating comparative effectiveness and value. These needs require more complete, clinical and accurate access to real-world data.

We have big data, but we also have big goals on how to quickly, accurately and cost-effectively deliver more powerful real-world evidence and registries to meet emerging needs.


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Build your own data network
Analytics & Data Visualization

AHRQ Registries Handbook 4th Edition

OM1 collaborated with AHRQ and L&M Policy Research on the fourth edition of the AHRQ handbook “Registries for Evaluation Patient Outcomes: A User’s Guide” and related e-book, along with white paper publications.

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