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Addressing gaps in care, treatment, and insights

Approximately 80 different autoimmune conditions affect an estimated 4.5% of the world’s population. These conditions represent a leading cause of disability. The introduction of innovative medicines continues to reduce patient burden of disease. Recognizing the mechanisms of action across these treatments is diverse, delivering the benefits to patients requires high quality research-driven insights on treatment effectiveness, gaps in care, and disease progression.

Immunology conditions are complex. Accessing data shouldn’t be.

Understanding the complexities of these systemic inflammatory diseases, and the factors that affect response to treatments, allows us to bring a dynamic new approach to real-world evidence generation to healthcare stakeholders.

Meet the largest Immunology data network in the U.S.

The OM1 Immunology network includes millions of patient records from specialist and primary care practices. The network collects, processes, and deterministically links Real-World Data (RWD) from a variety of sources that are continuously updated.

Unlock the complexities of Immunology with deep clinical insights that arm your teams with rapid and comprehensive analyses necessary to drive your critical business decisions. We have specialized data and insights in:

Understand Reasons for Discontinuation (RfD)

If it can’t be found in a code, do you only want to rely on physician recall? Let OM1 help:

  • Reasons for discontinuation extracted from clinical notes
  • Patient demographics among discontinuers provide sub-population insights
  • Patient population numbers that exceed typical market research reports
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