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Longitudinal, multi-source, curated registries, offering rapid access to deep clinical data, insights and outcomes.

Gastroenterology Registries


Irritable Bowel Disease

Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn’s Disease


  OM1’s GI data reach

Insights & Outcomes in Near-Real Time

      • Comparative Treatment Benefits
      • Treatment Patterns
      • Therapy Switching
      • Care Pathways
      • Disease Activity
      • Risks of Disease Progression
      • Prescriber Patterns
      • Off-Label Use
      • Dynamics of Use
      • Responders
      • Market Trends
      • Competitive Intelligence

Deep Clinical Data

Using cutting-edge technology, OM1 empowers the healthcare industry to access, analyze, and use deeper data in a more robust and clinically meaningful way.

Findings From A Real-World Cohort

AI and Big Data provide a unique opportunity to support clinical development, real-world evidence, value and commercialization strategies. Download this report to learn more about real-world applications.

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