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Creating digital phenotypic ‘fingerprints’

PhenOM™ is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital phenotyping platform trained using OM1’s repository of linked EMR, claims and other data covering more than 300 million patients. The richness of the source data lets these phenotypes capture many complex facets of the target patients’ journeys.

Digital phenotypes are built from complex signals and interactions shared by patients with similar conditions, characteristics, or outcomes that can help distinguish these patients from others. PhenOM isolates these patterns and synthesizes them into unique ‘fingerprints’ that help highlight patients of interest. PhenOM™ runs on patented AI technology and is built for medical explainability and real-world deployment.

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Answer your most challenging questions with personalized and actionable insights powered by PhenOM

Find patients with rare, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed conditions, including patient subgroups.


Isolate patients who are more likely to generate higher utilization and utilization growth over time.

Personalize treatment recommendations to improve access to care and individualize treatment selection.


Accelerate recruitment by focusing on patients most likely to meet enrollment criteria.

Predict the risk of specific outcomes like disease progression, complications, and catastrophic events.

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Diagnostic Insights

Treatment Insights




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