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Custom Data Cohorts

Use OM1 real-world data networks for evidence generation. We can partner with your team to access deep clinical RWD products that are high quality, relevant, and scalable.

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One stop solution to leverage data networks for RWD registries

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Data Networks Process

OM1 Origin™

Don’t have the right data?  Leverage our extensive experience with data networks for your registries or custom cohorts at a fraction of the time and cost.

Meet regulatory needs with OM1 Engine Plus

Our RWD network experience

As a tried and true data partner, we have leveraged RWD networks to meet and conduct post marketing commitments, regulatory needs, synthetic control arms, natural history studies, and are uniquely positioned to reach rare populations where current networks may not extend.


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# Publications from use of data networks


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Data Networks Use Case

Read about how to leverage OM1 Data Networks to build patient engagement for any condition:

Oncology & Rare Diseases Use Cases

Tap into the power of data networks for your next study



Use additional AI-enabled capabilities to maximize data networks 


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