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RWE & AI from Bench to Bedside

OM1 is an Insights-driven technology and data company specializing in Personalized Medicine, Evidence Generation, and Real-World Evidence Research powered by Next-Gen AI platforms, research-grade deep longitudinal data, and globally recognized thought leadership.

OM1 is led by clinicians with more than 30 years of experience in RWD/RWE, including the senior editors for the AHRQ handbook on how to build and evaluate clinical registries and the principal investigators for the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Outcome Measures Framework.

OM1’s unprecedented innovation takes RWE from Bench-to-Practice, delivering unparalleled personalized impact on the outcomes of patients and the advancement of research.




OM1 pushes the boundaries of healthcare, reimagining how industry, providers, payers, and patients use real-world evidence. OM1 is globally recognized for the integration of cutting-edge AI and data technologies.

As pioneers in the field, OM1’s commitment to leveraging technology propels healthcare transformation, enhancing patient outcomes and setting new industry benchmarks.


Meet our experienced leadership team.

Richard Gliklich, MD

Founder and CEO

Shawn Bates

Chief Commercial Officer

Dennis Reilly

Chief Financial Officer

Madelyn Wilson, MA

Chief People Officer

Dan Levy, MS

Chief Data Officer

Eric Schrock

Chief Technology Officer

Costas Boussios, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

Carl Marci, MD

Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Psychiatrist and Managing Director of Mental Health and Neuroscience

Sonja Wustrack, MPH

Managing Director of Integrated Evidence Generation

Kathryn Starzyk, ScM


Joseph Zabinski, PhD, MEM

VP, Head of Commercial Strategy & AI

Tom Engel

VP, Sales

Kristine Christie

VP, Marketing


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