The needs for real-world evidence continue to grow, but so have the tools. This session will explore the changes in technology, data liquidity, healthcare economics and how they are all combining to change the needs for real-world evidence and the best means to collect, analyze and use it. While registries remain an important component of the real-world evidence landscape, the definition and implementation of registries in the setting of EMRs and data digitization, outcomes standardization and data linkage technologies is evolving. The session will explore the impact of EMRs, big data technologies and value-based care on real-world evidence and why the next generation of registries will access larger sample sizes, cost less to manage, increase speed to data and provide broader insights.

Discussion highlights include:

· The evolving role of real world data in real world evidence
· Why value-based care matters to real-world research
· Outcomes Measurement, PROs and Outcomes Standardization
· Next generation registries and evidence–why costs will be lower and evidence will be more powerful

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