Tue, Jun 20, 2023 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Presenters: Costas Boussios, Chief Data Scientist and Joseph Zabinski, Managing Director of AI & Personalized Medicine


Across many conditions, screening for diagnosis and use of effective therapies remain far behind where best-practice clinical guidelines would suggest. Patients falling into this ‘guidelines gap’ may not have access to diagnostic evaluations, or effective treatments or procedures from which they may benefit. Identifying the patients in these gaps is the first step towards closing them, and improving these patients’ outcomes. Join Dr. Joseph Zabinski as he discusses the use of real-world data and AI digital phenotyping technology for:

  • Understanding unmet need and gaps in diagnosis and treatment, including those ‘off the radar’
  • Closing the guidelines gap by identifying patients most likely to benefit from focus
  • Expanding treatment access and best-practice guideline adherence

**Please be advised this webinar is intended for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Due to the proprietary nature of the content, all registration approval is at the discretion of OM1. Vendors and consultants will not be permitted to attend at this time.