While the CDAI score is used in clinical trials, it is not commonly calculated in routine clinical practice. CDAI scores are abstracted by OM1 when they do appear in the provider notes. 

OM1 also calculates a CDAI score when the following requisite components appear within a 4 month window in the patient’s record:

  1. Weight (used to define Ideal body weight)
  2. Hematocrit
  3. General Wellbeing (Flare, Remission, Disease Activity, or Physician-assessed patient status)
  4. Stool Frequency

CDAI is the sum of each component multiplied by a component multiplier.

OM1’s CDAI calculation is informed by this paper: Rudrapatna, V.A., B.S. Glicksberg, and A.J. Butte, Utility of routinely collected electronic health records data to support effectiveness evaluations in inflammatory bowel disease: a pilot study of tofacitinib. BMJ Health Care

Category: Crohn’s Disease