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The Scientific and Operational Elegance of Study Replication with Real-World EHR Data: A Vitiligo and Alopecia Example

Join OM1 and Panalgo for a discussion on vitiligo and alopecia areata landscapes including prevalence, current treatment options, treatments in development, study replication, treatment pathway visualization, and the richness of OM1 multi-modal data.


PhenOM Ebook

This ebook explores powerful insights and analyses that leverage AI models and digital phenotyping, built on patient data from a network of over 300 million lives, to generate personalized insights around treatments, diagnosis, utilization, risks, and trials.

A Leader in AI & RWD

A Top 5% Finalist for the ISPOR 2024 Research Presentation Awards in “AI & HEOR”

Poster: “Addressing Gaps in Real-World Data Sources through Automated Extraction of Psychiatric Comorbidities and Medication Side Effects from Clinical Notes”


ISPE 2024

August 24-28 • Berlin, Germany

Join OM1 at the ISPE Annual Meeting in San Diego to discuss the latest trends in AI, and our automated evidence generation platform – Aspen.