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Locate patients significantly earlier to strengthen your clinical trials

OM1 Polaris, powered by PhenOM™, a digital phenotyping AI platform for personalized medicine and clinical research, optimizes clinical trial recruitment by leveraging real-world data, predicted outcomes, and protocol-tailored phenotypic profiles to identify prospective patients, investigators, and sites.


OM1 Polaris enables shorter recruitment timelines, reduced costs, and an increased likelihood of trial success.

Examples of this impact include:

  • Evaluation of patients’ suitability for enrollment criteria even with incomplete data, maximizing recruitment potential
  • Prioritizing clusters of patients often overlooked in conventional trial screening, ensuring comprehensive participant identification
  • Enrichment of trial site selections offering an extensive array of options to optimize study execution and participant engagement

Expand scope to find more patients for your clinical trials with OM1 Polaris

Sift signal from noise with explainable AI

AI expertise at OM1 runs deep. Our award-winning team has been putting clinical AI to work for over ten years. Book a meeting to learn how to put OM1 Polaris to use for you.