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OM1 Patient Finder

Identify undiagnosed patients and under-appreciated variation in phenotypes with OM1 Patient Finder

Identify Undiagnosed Patients

OM1 Patient Finder uses proprietary, cutting-edge AI technology integrated with the OM1 Real-World Data Cloud. It incorporates different aspects of patients’ journeys from our range of data sources to identify patients at greatest likelihood of having the target condition.

OM1 Patient Finder: How It Works

Patient Finder is designed for strong analytic performance, medical explainability, and clinical deployment. Its predictions enrich existing data assets and help find patients in the real world.


Video: Using AI for Finding Patients in Rare & Under Diagnosed Diseases


Download a factsheet on OM1 Patient Finder:

Case Study

  • See the OM1 Patient Finder in action in these innovative case studies
  • Read an in-depth case study of patient identification in a rare metabolic disease:











Beyond Finding Patients

Identify potential ‘pools’ of concentrated, undiagnosed patients for trial enrollment

Augment data and promote visibility into larger ‘real-world’ patient cohorts

Deploy in clinic to support patient identification and treatment followup

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