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What Do You See As The Most Significant Regulatory Decision Or Guidance On The Horizon For 2024 (Or Beyond)?

Pharma’s Almanac December 15, 2023 Read the full article >> Sonja Wustrack, Managing Director of Integrated Evidence Generation, OM1 I believe increased focus and pressure to ensure diversity and inclusiveness in clinical trials will be a key mechanism to drive multiple areas of important advancements. Improved diversity in trials has been a topic for decades but until[…]

What Do You Think Was The Single Most Consequential Event Or Result In Pharma/Biopharma In 2023?

Pharma’s Almanac December, 14, 2024 Read the full article >> Sonja Wustrack, Managing Director of Integrated Evidence Generation, OM1 The omnipresent dynamic of 2023 has been the decline in COVID, with patients, providers, and the pharma/biopharma industry adjusting to the aftermath of the pandemic. COVID-related deaths continue to fall, currently reaching levels seen in the very early days of[…]

New Treatments Bring Hope for Autoimmune Skin Conditions

Dermatology Times December 15, 2023 Stefan Weiss, MD, MBA, FAAD Read the full article >> 2023 brought exciting advances in the treatment of alopecia areata and vitiligo, autoimmune skin conditions that can significantly impact a person’s physical appearance and emotional well-being. The emergence of Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors has shown tremendous promise as a novel[…]

Shifting the Paradigm to Pragmatic Evidence Generation

Integrated evidence generation (IEG) is a framework for generating evidence to support regulatory decision-making in healthcare, automate real-world data collection and grow evergreening data networks that fuel a variety of needs.

How AI Can Help Dermatology: Diagnosis, Treatment, Risk, and R&D November 15, 2023 Listen to the full podcast >> The hype around AI is finally translating into real-world value, and we are seeing broader adoption of real-world data in Dermatology. This episode of tHEORetically Speaking features Dr. Stefan Weiss, Managing Director of Dermatology and Dr. Joseph Zabinski, Managing Director of AI and Personalized Medicine[…]

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