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Validation of a machine learning approach to estimate expanded disability status scale scores for multiple sclerosis

First Published June 22, 2022 – Multiple Sclerosis Journal Assessment of multiple sclerosis (MS) disease activity is critical for understanding treatment effectiveness, informing treatment decisions, and monitoring disease progression. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings, clinician-administered assessments, and patient questionnaires are used to measure disease activity and track changes over time. The Expanded Disability Status Scale[…]

Real-world data: A health equity lens for research

BioPharma Dive Online Read the Full Article>>   Health inequities around the world produce disparities of a shocking magnitude. For example, life expectancy from birth ranges from approximately 55 to 85 years old depending on the country in which a child is born. Linked with degrees of social disadvantage, these same profound differences can be seen[…]

Understanding Heart Failure through the Real-World Data Lens

Pharmaceutical Executive Online Read the Full Article >> An estimated 64 million people suffer from heart failure (HF) globally. Americans have a 20% lifetime risk of developing HF. Although recent progress in the development of new treatments has led to a modest decrease in morbidity and mortality, mortality for heart failure patients remains unacceptably high[…]

A new approach for post-marketing safety studies

BioPharma Dive Online April 4, 2022 Read the Full Article >>   The large quantity of digitized healthcare data in the U.S., combined with advancements in data collection and processing technologies, present an enormous opportunity to shift dramatically how post-marketing safety studies can and should be conducted. The Traditional Approach Post-marketing safety studies are a[…]

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