Healthcare IT Today

February 2, 2024

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As we continue to push the world of healthcare forward with innovation and digital transformations, it’s important to remember to do so safely. All of our progress is for naught if we can’t use any of it without breaking regulations or if it puts our patient’s safety at risk. This leaves us with one very important question. How can professionals in Health IT foster innovation and drive digital transformation within healthcare organizations while balancing the need for regulatory compliance and patient safety?

We reached out to our incredible Healthcare IT Today Community to get their answers to this question. The following is what they had to share with us.

Costas Boussios, Chief Data Scientist at OM1

Compliance and patient safety are basic imperatives that must be satisfied by successful Health IT designs, but hardly the only ones. Truly transformative solutions need to check a multitude of additional boxes including clinical trustworthiness and adoption, efficient clinical workflow integration, cost-effectiveness, scalability, usability, and compatibility with existing tools – to name a few. I suggest that the best way to cover all of these areas is to cultivate a culture of continuous engagement with diverse stakeholders. Interact early and often, listen, educate, get educated, and adapt.

For Health IT teams, this is not a trivial task. Technology teams often create sophisticated solutions, to painfully discover that they have overlooked nuanced yet critical functional aspects that the intricate healthcare ecosystem has little tolerance for. Ongoing engagement with key stakeholders ensures that Health IT solutions not only meet regulatory and patient safety standards but also closely align with diverse requirements of healthcare.