Healthcare IT Today

March 8, 2024

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Joseph Zabinski, Ph.D. VP, Head of Commercial Strategy & AI at OM1
Dr. Carl Marci, Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Psychiatrist and Managing Director of Mental Health and Neuroscience at OM1

The industry is seeing an uptick of ambient voice technologies used to help increase the efficiency, quality, and quantity of medical documentation. As the AI improves and adoption increases, these technologies will impact outcomes and result in regulatory-grade data, benefiting patients, and companies that utilize real-world evidence. However, to achieve success it’s critical the industry evolve alongside this technology to address quality and privacy concerns, which includes creating standards on how to handle both voice and video data from patients. We’ve already seen advanced clinics experimenting with these AI tools for documentation as they wrestle with patient comfort levels, informed consent issues, and race toward increased efficiency. Adoption will come when both clinicians and patients understand the value of these tools and risk-reducing measures are in place.