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May 24, 2023

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OM1 now offers a complementary suite of easy-to-digest analytics that give a real-world, 360° view of trends in treatment behaviors and patient outcomes

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OM1, a leading real-world data, outcomes, and technology company with a focus on chronic conditions, today announced the launch of two new Real-World Analytics products – Prescriber Trends and Comparative Outcomes – to provide standardized, ready-to-access analyses of trends in treatment and outcomes in immunology and mental health condition areas. Along with OM1’s Reasons for Discontinuation (RfD) Analytic product, launched this past February, the company offers a complementary suite of products that allows stakeholders across the healthcare industry to obtain highly valuable insights on patient and provider behaviors.

A combination of market trends – an emphasis on personalized medicine, the rise of new modalities and treatment options, and regulatory challenges – means that pharmaceutical companies are constantly amending commercial strategies to keep up. Leveraging OM1’s Real-World Data Cloud built on billions of data points from more than 300 million patients and unique AI and modeling capabilities, stakeholders have access to detailed analyses and trends that uncover the real-world dynamics that are shaping their therapeutic landscape.

The healthcare landscape continues to evolve, but one thing remains constant – the need for deep, actionable, and data-backed insights. On its mission to improve patient outcomes, OM1 understands that stakeholders need a 360°, real-world view of behavioral trends throughout a patient’s journey, including the reasons why patients choose to discontinue a therapy, how that aligns with reported outcomes, and provider prescribing patterns. OM1’s Real-World Analytics reports give objective analyses on how providers and patients interact with brands at scale:

  • Prescriber Trends: delivers insights on trends in provider prescribing behaviors by comparing the relative share of prescriptions in the market over time, and across several provider and patient factors. The report pairs patient demographics and clinically deep disease characteristics and provider characteristics with longitudinal prescribing data to help customers understand the complexities of prescribing patterns.
  • Comparative Outcomes: leverages extensive patient outcomes data extracted from unstructured clinical notes to provide information on the effectiveness and comparative effectiveness of medications across various outcomes over time. The reports combine disease outcome metrics with patient demographics and geography to give a comprehensive view of patient disease activity and response to treatment across different patient characteristics.

“It’s not enough just to make educated guesses when it comes to patient care and treatment options anymore,” said Gary Curhan, MD, ScD, and OM1’s Chief Medical Officer. “With high-quality real-world evidence and data at our fingertips, we’re able to discover why patients choose to discontinue a medication, correlate discontinuation with patient outcomes and provider prescribing behaviors and make informed decisions throughout the entire drug development and commercialization process to improve outcomes.”

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About OM1

OM1 is re-imagining real-world data and evidence by developing large, electronically-connected networks of health data in immunology, cardiometabolic, mental health, neuroscience, respiratory, and ENT specialty areas. Leveraging its extensive clinical networks, unparalleled technology, and industry-leading artificial intelligence platform, OM1 offers enriched healthcare datasets, advanced platforms for regulatory-compliant real-world studies, and personalized medicine solutions. With a focus on deep clinical insights, the offerings are used to unlock the power of healthcare data to measure and predict outcomes, accelerate medical research, and improve clinical decision-making.


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