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Real-world data: A health equity lens for research

BioPharma Dive Online Read the Full Article>>   Health inequities around the world produce disparities of a shocking magnitude. For example, life expectancy from birth ranges from approximately 55 to 85 years old depending on the country in which a child is born. Linked with degrees of social disadvantage, these same profound differences can be seen[…]

Understanding Heart Failure through the Real-World Data Lens

Pharmaceutical Executive Online Read the Full Article >> An estimated 64 million people suffer from heart failure (HF) globally. Americans have a 20% lifetime risk of developing HF. Although recent progress in the development of new treatments has led to a modest decrease in morbidity and mortality, mortality for heart failure patients remains unacceptably high[…]

A new approach for post-marketing safety studies

BioPharma Dive Online April 4, 2022 Read the Full Article >>   The large quantity of digitized healthcare data in the U.S., combined with advancements in data collection and processing technologies, present an enormous opportunity to shift dramatically how post-marketing safety studies can and should be conducted. The Traditional Approach Post-marketing safety studies are a[…]

OM1 Launches New Mental Health and Neuroscience Real-World Data Network

Read the Press Release>>   BOSTON, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OM1, a leading technology enabled real-world data and artificial intelligence (AI) company with a focus on delivering insights into multiple chronic diseases, today announces the launch of its Mental Health and Neuroscience Specialty Area led by physician and entrepreneur, Dr. Carl D. Marci. The division includes new data on psychiatric[…]

Real-World Data Delivers Dose of Hope for Mental Health in the U.S.

Pharmaceutical Executive Online Published: March 15, 2022 Read the Full Article >> If you were asked which health care conditions rank as the highest in both unmet need and in cost, which would you choose? Would it be cancer or heart disease? While those conditions certainly place in both categories, mental health outranks them in[…]