Outsourcing Pharma

January 24, 2024

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Why do you think it is important to attend SCOPE?

With uncertainties in the economy, growing pressures to reduce the cost of treatments, and at the same time delivering on the promise of personalized medicine, pharma is at a critical crossroads in how they approach bringing new medicines to market.  SCOPE serves an important role in bringing diverse stakeholders together to tackle these challenges while focusing on innovation.


What do you hope to achieve this year while you are there?

OM1 is focused on creating a bridge between how RWD/RWE is leveraged with the power of next-Gen AI technologies and deep specialized data to address the critical challenges pharma faces from bench to bedside. We plan to showcase our insights-based solutions to the SCOPE audience, especially when it comes to leveraging next-Gen AI across all phases of drug development. With all the hype around AI, it’s important for companies, like OM1, to showcase real implementable applications that can be used today in the Pharma space.


Do you have an inkling what the buzz theme will be this year?

Driving innovation in clinical trials is one of the primary themes for the conference this year. AI is a big part of that “innovation” equation. Generative AI, large language models, machine learning, predictive analytics, and so on are on everyone’s minds when it comes to how pharma can accelerate drug development and deliver personalized treatments.


What part of it are you looking forward to the most (can be a specific talk, presentation or just catching up with contacts)?

OM1 is hosting a round table on next generation AI applications for clinical development and will be sharing use cases where AI can have an immediate impact, such as in accelerating study recruitment, improving protocol design, understanding and predicting patient journeys, diagnostics and the prediction of treatment response and safety.  We’re excited to host this interactive discussion with pharma attendees to showcase our work and hear how they see these applications working for their programs, what they see as key drivers of innovation, and how they envision achieving more personalized treatments to enhance care delivery outcomes.