When: February, 6-9, 2023

Where: Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL

Booth Location: Find our experts at booth #100

Don’t miss out on our presentation on Getting the Most out of Structured and Unstructured Real-World Data for Evidence Generation.

Presenter: Jess Paulus, VP of Research, OM1
Date: Wednesday, February 8
Time: 12:50 PM – 1:20 PM

Structured data, what’s found in an electronic medical record or claims, and unstructured data, what’s found in clinician notes, provide valuable insights into treatment effectiveness and safety, gaps in care, reasons for discontinuation, and more. Yet, understanding how these data can complement each other and how to choose appropriate data sources based on different evidence needs is critical to success. Join us as we explore best practices, biases, and pitfalls to avoid when using different types of real-world data.

Featured Topics:

  • Comparing structured and unstructured data and how they complement each other
  • Choosing the right data and appropriate sources based on different evidence needs
  • Best practices, biases and pitfalls when working with unstructured data
  • Use cases
  • Special considerations for regulatory grade data


For additional information or to schedule a meeting with our experts, contact us at info@om1.com