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Value-Based Care Models

Harnessing outcomes measurement and predictive analytics significantly improves financial performance under value-based payment models.

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Lower Costs, while Improving Outcomes

As payment models transition to value-based and bundled payments, demonstrating outcomes and avoiding high cost events can yield significant ROI.

Working with our partners, our solutions for these programs target and mitigate the risks that are most relevant, while reducing penalties, maximizing reimbursements, lowering costs, and improving care.

OM1 Health solutions support:

• CMS Bundles (CJR, Cardiac Care, Oncology)
• Private Bundles
• Others

We use clinically focused metrics and sophisticated technologies that allow providers to:


Penalties and Maximize Reimbursement

As reimbursement models change to pay-for-value, understanding which outcomes to measure and which risks to avoid are key to maximizing reimbursements and avoiding penalties. At OM1, we help providers focus on the most relevant and impactful metrics for their population and programs.


Emerging Requirements

Increasingly both private and public payers are requiring hospitals and practices to participate in value-based care programs and are reimbursing based on value. OM1 provides scalable, customizable systems for meeting these ever evolving requirements. From patient reported outcomes to predictive models tailored to a provider’s populations, we make it easy for healthcare organizations to get started and stay on top of value-based care requirements.

Other Provider Solutions

Outcomes Measurement & Benchmarking

Measure, compare and optimize outcomes using clinically focused metrics.

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Leverage comparative, predictive and prescriptive analytics to avoid high cost events and penalties, improve reimbursement payments, and lower costs.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

Implement standardized patient-reported outcomes and reporting across the enterprise to meet regulatory requirements and improve engagement and satisfaction.

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